What to Do with Gems in Path of Exile?

What to Do with Gems in Path of Exile?


What to Do with Gems in Path of Exile: A Complete Guide

Path of Exile (PoE) is a complex and engaging action RPG that offers players a plethora of customization options through its unique skill gem system. Gems in Path of Exile are critical for defining your character's abilities and playstyle. This guide will walk you through what to do with gems in PoE, helping you to maximize their potential and improve your gameplay experience.

Understanding Gems in Path of Exile

Gems in Path of Exile are categorized into three main types:

  • Skill Gems: These gems provide active skills that you can use in combat.
  • Support Gems: These gems enhance the effects of active skills when linked.
  • Trigger Gems: These gems automatically cast linked active skills when certain conditions are met.

Each gem can be socketed into gear that has matching color slots (red, green, or blue).

Acquiring Gems

Gems can be obtained in various ways:

  • Quest Rewards: Many quests reward you with skill gems, often giving you a choice between multiple gems.
  • Vendors: Some NPC vendors sell gems for currency.
  • Drops: Monsters, chests, and other loot sources can drop gems.
  • Trading: You can trade with other players to get specific gems you need.

Leveling and Quality of Gems

Gems gain experience and level up as you gain experience. Higher-level gems provide more powerful effects but often come with increased mana costs or other requirements. Additionally, gems have a quality attribute (up to 20%), which further enhances their abilities.

Tips for leveling and improving gem quality:

  • Grinding: Continuously use your gems in combat to level them up.
  • Gemcutter’s Prisms: Use these currency items to increase the quality of your gems.

Socketing and Linking Gems

Correctly socketing and linking gems is crucial for optimizing your build. Gear can have up to six linked sockets, and support gems must be linked to the active skill gems they are intended to enhance.

Key strategies for socketing and linking:

  • Use Jeweler’s Orbs to re-roll the number of sockets on an item.
  • Use Chromatic Orbs to change the color of the sockets.
  • Use Orb of Fusing to link the sockets together.

Choosing the Right Gems for Your Build

Selecting the right gems depends on your build and playstyle. Here are some general tips:

  • Refer to Build Guides: Many experienced players publish detailed build guides that recommend specific gems and combinations.
  • Experiment: Try different combinations to see what works best for your playstyle.
  • Prioritize Synergy: Ensure that your support gems enhance your primary active skill gems effectively.

Using the Gem Bench and Vaal Orbs

The Gem Bench, available in your hideout, allows you to modify and enhance your gems. Vaal Orbs can be used to corrupt gems, which can result in powerful but unpredictable changes.

Advanced tips for using the Gem Bench and Vaal Orbs:

  • Gem Bench: Use it to add quality or change the properties of your gems.
  • Vaal Orbs: Use with caution as corruption can both positively and negatively impact your gem.

Trading and Storing Gems

Gems can be traded with other players through the in-game trade system or third-party websites. Efficiently storing gems in your stash is also important for inventory management.

Trading and storage tips:

  • Use specialized stash tabs: Use the Currency and Gem stash tabs for better organization.
  • Price Check: Always check the market value of gems before trading to get the best deal.


Gems are an integral part of Path of Exile’s deep customization system. By understanding how to acquire, level, socket, and trade gems, you can significantly enhance your character's abilities and overall gameplay experience. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, mastering the use of gems will help you conquer the challenges of Wraeclast with greater ease and efficiency.

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