War Thunder to Introduce Belgian and Dutch Aviation: Exciting New Additions Coming Soon

War Thunder to Introduce Belgian and Dutch Aviation: Exciting New Additions Coming Soon

War Thunder, the renowned multiplayer combat game, is set to expand its horizons with the addition of Belgian and Dutch aviation. This eagerly anticipated update promises to bring a fresh wave of excitement and new possibilities to the game, enriching the experience for both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

A New Era of Aviation in War Thunder

The upcoming update will feature a range of aircraft from Belgium and the Netherlands, two countries with rich aviation histories. Players can look forward to piloting iconic planes from these nations, each meticulously recreated with attention to historical accuracy and detail. From agile fighters to formidable bombers, the new additions will offer a diverse array of options for every playstyle.

Historical Significance

Belgium and the Netherlands have made significant contributions to aviation, both in terms of technological advancements and military strategies. By incorporating these nations' aircraft into War Thunder, the developers pay homage to their historical importance while also providing players with new and exciting gameplay opportunities.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

The inclusion of Belgian and Dutch aviation is not just about adding new planes; it’s about enhancing the overall gameplay experience. These aircraft come with unique characteristics and performance capabilities, encouraging players to develop new tactics and strategies. Whether you prefer dogfighting in nimble fighters or delivering devastating payloads with heavy bombers, the new aircraft will offer something for everyone.

What to Expect

  • Diverse Aircraft: A variety of planes from both nations, each with its own unique features and historical significance.
  • Historical Missions: New missions and scenarios based on real-life historical events involving Belgian and Dutch forces.
  • Enhanced Graphics and Realism: Improved graphics and attention to detail, making the new aircraft visually stunning and realistic.

Community Excitement

The War Thunder community has expressed immense excitement about this update. Forums and social media are buzzing with speculation and anticipation, with players eager to explore the new additions. The introduction of Belgian and Dutch aviation is seen as a significant step in the game’s evolution, adding depth and diversity to its already rich roster of aircraft.


The upcoming addition of Belgian and Dutch aviation to War Thunder marks an exciting chapter in the game’s development. By bringing in these new aircraft, the developers are not only expanding the game’s content but also honoring the historical significance of these nations' contributions to aviation. Players can look forward to an enhanced gameplay experience, filled with new challenges and opportunities. Prepare for takeoff and get ready to explore the skies with the latest additions to War Thunder.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to soar to new heights in War Thunder!


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