Top Announcements from Future of Play Direct and Wholesome Direct 2024

Top Announcements from Future of Play Direct and Wholesome Direct 2024

Top Announcements from Future of Play Direct and Wholesome Direct 2024

Indie game developers who found the main stage of Summer Game Fest too costly showcased their projects at Future of Play Direct and Wholesome Direct 2024. Here are the most exciting announcements and trailers from these two showcases.

Abyss X Zero

The low-poly Metroidvania, Abyss X Zero, unveiled an extended gameplay trailer. Featuring combat-ready ladies in school uniforms and futuristic armor, the game promises action-packed sequences with stylish vehicles. Scheduled for release on PC (Steam).

Battle Suit Aces

Battle Suit Aces is a card-based RPG battler set in space. The story centers on the starship "Zephyr" crew, who must fend off a dangerous alien swarm. No release date yet, but the game has a Steam page available.

All Systems Dance

All Systems Dance is an action-adventure game where dancing plays a crucial role. Players will use dance moves to free citizens from a corporate dystopia. The game is available to wishlist on Steam.


Croakwood is a cozy, relaxing city-building simulator. Players will create a comfortable settlement for frogs and care for them, as the amphibians produce resources. Interested gamers can check it out on Steam.

Cozy Marbles

Inspired by videos of glass marbles racing through intricate homemade tracks, Cozy Marbles offers customization of both tracks and marbles. The project will be available on Steam.

Phoenix Springs

Calligram Studio invites players to immerse themselves in the mysterious world of Phoenix Springs. In this modern walking simulator, journalist Iris unravels the secrets of a small town while discovering more about herself. Releasing on Steam on September 16.


Prepare for an emotional journey with Copycat, a heart-wrenching story about a cat abandoned by its owner, who mistook a stray for her own. The game explores the true meaning of home and will be available on Steam in September, featuring Russian localization.


REKA received another trailer, showcasing a sandbox adventure where players, as an apprentice of Baba Yaga, will gather ingredients, brew potions, and help—or harm—local residents. The game is available on Steam with a demo and Russian translation.

Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses

In Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses, players use cards to survive in a harsh world. The protagonist moves to Sandara, a city atop a monolith in the desert. Each eclipse brings danger, requiring players to prove their worth to avoid being devoured by the monolith. Available on Steam.

Slay the Princess: The Pristine Cut

Announced as an expanded version of the visual novel, Slay the Princess: The Pristine Cut adds 35% more gameplay, including three new chapters and additional dialogue and scenes. The game will be released in fall on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.


Team Artichoke delves into Greek mythology with Mythmatch, a life simulator combined with a match-three puzzle game. Artemis must find and merge identical items to create new creatures or objects and use her powers to unite people and persuade Olympians.

Caravan SandWitch

Set in a sci-fi world where humanity has turned a once-flourishing planet into a desert, Caravan SandWitch follows the protagonist on a quest to find their sister, aided by an upgradeable van. The game has a demo on Steam and will be released on PC, PlayStation, and Switch in 2024.


Étė is a relaxing game about painting in Montreal. Virtual artists will explore the city, make friends, and capture wonderful moments on canvas. The game launches on July 23 on PC (Steam).


In Discounty, players manage their own supermarket, uncover town secrets, and build relationships with the residents of Blomkest. The simulator will be available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Switch in 2025.

Into the Emberlands

Into the Emberlands is a cozy exploration game with roguelike elements. Armed with a lantern and a glowing ember, the protagonist explores mysterious miasmas to gather resources and rescue lost creatures. The game enters early access on Steam on June 19, with a demo already available.

ILA: A Frosty Glide

ILA: A Frosty Glide opens a portal to a whimsical world where a young sorceress, Ila, glides on a broomstick-skateboard. Players will uncover secret places, collect valuable items, and upgrade the vehicle. A demo is available on Steam.

On Your Tail

Italian studio Memorable Games unveiled a new trailer for On Your Tail, a narrative-driven life simulator. Players will explore the coastal town of Borgo Marina with the protagonist Diana, solving mysteries along the way. The game is coming to PC and Switch in 2024, with a demo available on Steam.

While Waiting

In While Waiting, players will master the art of waiting. The game features over a hundred humorous scenarios where players do nothing but wait, finding ways to pass the time in various situations from birth to death. Available for PC (Steam) and mobile devices.

Future of Play Direct and Wholesome Direct 2024 showcased a diverse array of indie games, each offering unique and captivating experiences. Keep an eye on these titles as they make their way to various platforms, bringing fresh and innovative gameplay to the gaming community.


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