Take-Two Intends to Sell or Shut Down Private Division Publisher

Take-Two Intends to Sell or Shut Down Private Division Publisher

Take-Two Intends to Sell or Shut Down Private Division Publisher

In a surprising move, Take-Two Interactive, a major player in the gaming industry, is reportedly considering selling or shutting down its publishing subsidiary, Private Division. This decision marks a significant shift in Take-Two's strategy and has raised numerous questions about the future of both the parent company and its subsidiary.

Background on Private Division

Private Division, established in 2017, was designed to support and publish titles from independent studios. Over the years, it has gained recognition for publishing critically acclaimed games such as "The Outer Worlds" by Obsidian Entertainment and "Kerbal Space Program" by Squad. The division was seen as Take-Two’s initiative to diversify its portfolio and tap into the indie game market, which has been growing steadily.

Reasons Behind the Decision

While the exact reasons for Take-Two's consideration to sell or close Private Division are not fully disclosed, several factors might be influencing this decision:

  • Financial Performance: Private Division, despite its successful titles, might not be meeting the financial expectations set by Take-Two. The parent company may be looking to streamline its operations and focus on its more profitable divisions.
  • Strategic Realignment: Take-Two could be realigning its business strategy to concentrate on its core franchises, such as Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K, which generate significant revenue. By shedding subsidiaries like Private Division, Take-Two might be aiming to consolidate resources and efforts on these major titles.
  • Market Conditions: The gaming market is highly competitive and constantly evolving. Take-Two might be responding to market conditions that favor larger, blockbuster games over smaller indie titles, prompting a reevaluation of Private Division’s place within the company.

Implications for the Gaming Industry

This potential move by Take-Two has several implications for the gaming industry:

  • Impact on Independent Studios: Private Division has been a crucial partner for many independent studios, offering financial support and distribution capabilities. Its closure or sale could disrupt these studios' plans and impact the production of future indie titles.
  • Market Dynamics: If Private Division is sold, it will be interesting to see who the buyer might be. Another major publisher could acquire it, or it could go to a smaller company looking to expand its presence in the indie game market.
  • Industry Focus: This decision reflects a broader industry trend where major publishers are increasingly focusing on high-revenue generating franchises and less on niche markets. This could lead to fewer opportunities for indie developers to find substantial support from large publishers.


Take-Two's consideration to sell or shut down Private Division is a noteworthy development in the gaming industry. While the final decision and its outcomes are yet to unfold, this move underscores the dynamic nature of the gaming business and the continuous strategic shifts companies must undertake to stay competitive. For independent game developers and enthusiasts, this marks a period of uncertainty and potential change in how indie games are brought to market.

As the situation develops, stakeholders will be keenly observing how Take-Two navigates this transition and what it means for the future landscape of game publishing.


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