Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat 1: Master of Cryomancy

Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat 1: Master of Cryomancy


Sub-Zero, also known as Kuai Liang, is a staple character in the Mortal Kombat series. As a member of the Lin Kuei ninja clan, he has captivated fans since the inception of the franchise. This guide will delve into Sub-Zero’s unique abilities, move list, and finishing moves, offering a comprehensive overview for players aiming to master this cryomancer.

The Origin and Abilities of Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero descends from a lineage of cryomancers, granting him the extraordinary ability to control and manipulate ice. This power is not just for show; it forms the core of his combat style. Sub-Zero can create ice projectiles, freeze opponents, and even form ice clones to turn the tide of battle. His arsenal of frost-based attacks makes him a formidable opponent in Mortal Kombat 1.

Sub-Zero’s Move List

Understanding Sub-Zero’s move list is crucial for players who want to utilize his full potential. Below is a breakdown of his basic attacks and special moves:

Basic Attacks:

  • Clammy Palm (1): A quick, high punch that sets up further combos.
  • Lin Kuei Storm (1, 2): A mid-range combo starting with a punch and followed by a stronger hit.
  • Arctic Hammer (1, 2, 2): A powerful overhead attack that can break through an opponent’s defenses.

Special Moves:

  • Ice Ball (D, F, 1): Shoots a projectile that freezes opponents on impact.
  • Ice Klone (D, B, 1): Creates an ice clone that can be used to trap or block enemies.
  • Ice Slide (B, F, 3): A low attack that allows Sub-Zero to slide across the screen and hit low.

Sub-Zero’s Fatalities and Brutalities

One of the most iconic aspects of Mortal Kombat is the finishers. Sub-Zero’s fatalities and brutalities are both spectacular and gruesome.


  • Hairline Fracture (D - D - 2): Sub-Zero freezes the opponent's head before shattering it with a powerful punch.
  • Fatality 2 (F, B, D, 4): Another brutal move where Sub-Zero uses his ice powers to devastating effect.


  • The Klassic (D + 2): A throwback to classic Mortal Kombat, this move sees Sub-Zero uppercut his opponent’s head off.

Mastering Sub-Zero’s Inputs

To execute Sub-Zero’s moves efficiently, players must familiarize themselves with the specific inputs. Here are some key inputs for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch:

  • Forward (F), Back (B), Up (U), Down (D)
  • Front Punch (Square, X, Y)
  • Back Punch (Triangle, Y, X)
  • Front Kick (X, A, B)
  • Back Kick (Circle, B, A)


Sub-Zero is more than just a character; he is a legacy within the Mortal Kombat universe. His blend of strategic ice manipulation and combat skills makes him a favorite among players. By mastering his move list and understanding the intricacies of his abilities, you can dominate the battlefield with this legendary cryomancer. Whether you are freezing foes or performing his iconic finishers, Sub-Zero promises a chilling experience for all Mortal Kombat enthusiasts.

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