Shovel Knight: New Installment Announced by Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight: New Installment Announced by Yacht Club Games


One of the standout indie games of 2014, Shovel Knight, is set to receive a highly anticipated new installment. Yacht Club Games, the creative force behind the original platformer, has officially announced the development of the Shovel Knight sequel, a project that has been in the works since 2020.

A Leap Forward in Gameplay

In a recent blog post, the creators shared that the upcoming Shovel Knight game aims to elevate the series to unprecedented heights. Fans can look forward to an enthralling action experience, with enhanced mechanics and the timeless charm that has become synonymous with Shovel Knight. The developers have promised that the new game will introduce even more engaging gameplay elements, ensuring that both new players and longtime fans will find something to love.

Hints and Teasers

While specific details about the new Shovel Knight game are still under wraps, Yacht Club Games has teased that players might discover hints about the upcoming title within the studio's other projects—Shovel Knight Dig, Pocket Dungeon, and Treasure Trove. These hints are expected to give fans a glimpse into what the new installment might entail, sparking excitement and speculation within the gaming community.

Looking Forward

The announcement of the Shovel Knight sequel comes on the heels of the recent reveal of a new game in the Anno series, which focuses on the late Roman Empire. This period of announcements highlights an exciting time for gamers, with numerous highly anticipated titles on the horizon.

As Yacht Club Games continues to refine and develop the new Shovel Knight game, fans can rest assured that the beloved series will return with even more captivating adventures and challenges. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to dig in once again with Shovel Knight's next big adventure!