Relic Ends Support for Console Version of Company of Heroes 3

Relic Ends Support for Console Version of Company of Heroes 3

Relic Ends Support for Console Version of Company of Heroes 3

In a surprising move, Relic Entertainment has announced the cessation of support for the console version of "Company of Heroes 3." This decision has significant implications for the game's dedicated player base, as well as for the future of the series on console platforms.

A Brief Overview of Company of Heroes 3

"Company of Heroes 3" is the latest installment in the critically acclaimed real-time strategy series, which is known for its intense tactical gameplay and historical accuracy. Released on both PC and consoles, the game expanded its reach to a broader audience, introducing new mechanics and improved graphics to enhance the player experience.

The Announcement

Relic Entertainment's announcement regarding the end of support for the console version has come as a shock to many fans. In their official statement, Relic cited several factors contributing to this decision, including the challenges of maintaining parity between PC and console versions, and the need to allocate resources more efficiently.

Reasons Behind the Decision

  • Technical Challenges: Developing and maintaining a real-time strategy game on multiple platforms comes with its own set of technical challenges. Ensuring that updates, patches, and new content work seamlessly across both PC and consoles requires significant resources and time.
  • Resource Allocation: By discontinuing support for the console version, Relic can redirect its resources towards enhancing the PC version, potentially leading to more frequent updates, better support, and higher quality content.
  • Player Base: Historically, the "Company of Heroes" series has had a stronger following on PC. The decision to focus on this platform might be a strategic move to better serve the majority of its player base.

Impact on Players

For players who invested in the console version of "Company of Heroes 3," this news is undoubtedly disappointing. The lack of future updates means that any existing bugs or gameplay issues will likely remain unresolved. Additionally, console players will miss out on new content, updates, and potential expansions that may be released for the PC version.

The Future of Company of Heroes 3

While the support for the console version is ending, this doesn't mark the end for "Company of Heroes 3" as a whole. Relic's focus on the PC platform suggests that they are committed to improving and expanding the game. Players can expect more refined updates, potential new content, and enhanced gameplay experiences on the PC.


Relic Entertainment's decision to end support for the console version of "Company of Heroes 3" highlights the complexities and challenges of multi-platform game development. While this move is likely to streamline their development process and improve the PC experience, it leaves console players at a disadvantage. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, developers must constantly balance resource allocation and player expectations to ensure the longevity and success of their titles.

For the latest updates and news on "Company of Heroes 3," players are encouraged to follow Relic Entertainment’s official channels and community forums.


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