Paradox Cancels Life Simulation Game Life By You Scheduled for June Release

Paradox Cancels Life Simulation Game Life By You Scheduled for June Release


In a surprising turn of events, Paradox Interactive has announced the cancellation of their highly anticipated life simulation game, Life By You. Originally slated for a June release, the game has been shelved indefinitely, much to the disappointment of fans and developers alike.

The Ambitious Beginnings

Development of Life By You began several years ago under the Paradox Tectonic studio, helmed by Rod Humble. Known for his pivotal role in creating The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, Humble brought a wealth of experience and a bold vision to the project. Paradox was enthusiastic about the potential of Life By You, aiming to create a seamless open world without loading screens and featuring official mod support, including NSFW content.

The Sudden Shift in Plans

Just a few weeks ago, Paradox leadership decided to delay the release of Life By You indefinitely, citing the need to reevaluate their plans. Ultimately, they concluded that the game required more development time than they were willing to commit.

A Hard Decision

Paradox expressed the difficulty of making this decision, stating, "Life By You possessed numerous strengths and was being developed by a dedicated team. However, when we believe that additional time will not bring us significantly closer to a satisfactory version, we must make the tough call to stop. This is obviously a heavy and disappointing decision for everyone who invested their time and enthusiasm into this project, especially when such a decision is made so late in the process."

What's Next for Life Simulation Fans?

While Life By You will no longer be released, the life simulation genre is far from stagnant. Another highly anticipated game, inZOI, is currently in development. Fans eagerly awaiting a new life simulation experience can check out the gameplay footage of inZOI, offering a glimpse into what could be the next big title in the genre.


The cancellation of Life By You marks a significant moment in the gaming industry, highlighting the challenges and realities of game development. Despite the setback, the spirit of innovation and creativity in life simulation games continues to thrive, promising exciting new experiences on the horizon.