Nokia Unveils Immersive Audio Call Concept: The Future of Communication

Nokia Unveils Immersive Audio Call Concept: The Future of Communication

Nokia Unveils Concept of Full Audio Immersion Calls

Nokia has introduced a groundbreaking advancement in telecommunications: the concept of immersive audio calls. This innovative technology, unveiled by Nokia's CEO Pekka Lundmark, aims to transform the way we experience phone conversations, making them more lifelike than ever before.

A New Era of Communication

In a world first, Pekka Lundmark conducted a phone call utilizing immersive audio and video technology, which delivers three-dimensional sound, creating a heightened sense of realism in conversations. This breakthrough doesn’t require any additional equipment; it leverages the built-in microphones of modern smartphones to create the effect of being physically present with the person on the other end of the call.

Leveraging 5G Networks

The demonstration was conducted over standard 5G networks, showcasing the immense potential of future communication technologies. Unlike traditional monophonic calls where audio is compressed into a single channel, Nokia's new codec, IVAS (Immersive Voice and Audio Services), enables the transmission of surround sound. This technology represents a significant upgrade in call quality, akin to the experience of cinematic audio.

The Technology Behind Immersive Calls

IVAS is set to become a part of the next stage in the 5G Advanced standard. Unlike current technologies that compress sound, IVAS maintains the integrity of audio, allowing users to experience conversations with full immersion. This codec can be seamlessly integrated into devices by chipset manufacturers, smartphone producers, and mobile network operators, indicating a broad potential for adoption.

Market Readiness and Future Prospects

Nokia believes that both network operators and device manufacturers are ready to implement IVAS technology. However, the timeline for when this technology will be widely available to consumers remains uncertain. The promise of immersive audio calls could redefine personal and professional communication, making interactions more engaging and effective.

The Future of Phone Calls

With IVAS, Nokia envisions a future where phone calls are not just a means of communication but a medium for a deeply immersive experience. By licensing this technology, Nokia positions itself at the forefront of a new era in telecommunications, where the lines between physical and virtual presence are blurred.


Nokia's introduction of immersive audio technology marks a significant leap in the evolution of phone calls. As the industry moves towards adopting this innovation, the potential for more realistic and engaging communication is vast. Stay tuned as Nokia continues to pioneer advancements in making our digital interactions as immersive as possible.

For more information on this groundbreaking technology and its future implications, keep an eye on Nokia's announcements and industry updates.


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