How to Kill the Toad Prince in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

How to Kill the Toad Prince in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

How to Kill the Toad Prince in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is known for its challenging boss fights, and the Toad Prince in the Hearts of Stone expansion is no exception. This boss battle requires strategy, preparation, and quick reflexes. If you're having trouble defeating the Toad Prince, this guide will provide you with effective tactics to emerge victorious.

Preparation is Key

Before you face the Toad Prince, make sure you're adequately prepared. Here are some essential steps:

Stock Up on Supplies

  • Healing Potions: Ensure you have plenty of Swallow and White Raffard's Decoction potions.
  • Buffing Potions: Tawny Owl for stamina regeneration and Thunderbolt for increased attack power can be very helpful.
  • Bombs: Grapeshot and Samum bombs can deal significant damage to the Toad Prince and stun it momentarily.

Equip the Right Gear

  • Armor and Weapons: Make sure your gear is upgraded to match your level. Armor with high poison resistance can be particularly useful.
  • Runes and Glyphs: Equip your weapons and armor with runes and glyphs that enhance your damage and defense.

Learn the Toad Prince’s Weaknesses

  • The Toad Prince is vulnerable to Northern Wind bombs and Golden Oriole potion, which neutralizes poison.

Battle Strategy

Stay Mobile

The Toad Prince is a large, slow-moving creature, but it can deal massive damage if it catches you. Constantly move around the arena to avoid its tongue attacks and poisonous spit.

Use Signs Effectively

  • Quen: Always keep the Quen sign active to absorb damage from unexpected hits.
  • Igni: The Toad Prince is susceptible to fire, so use the Igni sign to deal additional damage.

Exploit Openings

The Toad Prince has several attack patterns:

  • Tongue Swipe: Dodge to the side to avoid this attack and then strike while the Toad Prince is recovering.
  • Poison Spit: Roll away to avoid the poison pools and use this moment to throw a bomb or cast Igni.
  • Leap Attack: When the Toad Prince jumps, roll away to avoid the impact zone and counterattack quickly.

Utilize Bombs and Potions

  • Throw Northern Wind bombs to freeze the Toad Prince, giving you an opportunity to deal significant damage.
  • Use Golden Oriole to protect yourself from poison and regenerate health.

Manage Your Stamina

Maintaining your stamina is crucial for dodging and casting signs. Use Tawny Owl to ensure your stamina regenerates quickly during the fight.

Final Tips

  • Save Often: Save your game before the fight and at critical points during the battle to avoid losing progress.
  • Stay Calm: This fight can be frustrating, but staying calm and focused will help you manage your resources and react to the Toad Prince’s attacks effectively.
  • Learn from Mistakes: Each attempt will teach you more about the Toad Prince’s patterns and weaknesses.

By following these strategies and tips, you should be able to defeat the Toad Prince and continue your adventure in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Good luck, Witcher!


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