Heartseeker Rogue Endgame Build Guide - Diablo 4 New Patch

Heartseeker Rogue Endgame Build Guide - Diablo 4 New Patch

Heartseeker Rogue - Diablo 4 New Patch

With the latest patch in Diablo 4, the Heartseeker Rogue has become a formidable force in the endgame. This build focuses on high attack speed and critical hits to maximize damage output and efficiency. Here’s an in-depth guide to mastering the Heartseeker Rogue.

Mandatory Affixes

A crucial component of this build is the affix: "Lucky Hit Chance to Make Enemies Vulnerable." This affix significantly enhances your damage output by making enemies more susceptible to your attacks. If you can't find this affix, opt for the Aspect of Accursed Touch instead of Inner Calm.

Achieving Optimal Attack Speed

To reach the lowest possible frames per attack breakpoint, you need:

  • 2 Greater Affix Rolls
  • 1 Roll of Attack Speed

Combining these with a max roll Rapid, the attack speed from Moonrise, and an Elixir of Advantage II, you can achieve 13 frames per attack. Without the Elixir, it’s 14 frames. Use the Attack Speed & Frame Count Calculator to determine the breakpoints you can reach with your current gear.

Lucky Hit Chance

While it's not necessary to have an extremely high Lucky Hit Chance, aiming for around 35-40% without the Elixir is sufficient. The Elixir adds an additional 15%, pushing your efficiency even higher. Due to the rapid attack speed, not every hit needs to proc Victimize.

Enhancing Damage with Caltrops

Caltrops Duration is another essential factor as it increases the top-end damage multiplier from Caltrops. Make sure to optimize this aspect for maximum damage.

Heartseeker Mechanics

If you get a max roll on "Chance to Cast Heartseeker Twice," only apply one crit Masterwork to it. Afterward, focus on vulnerability effects. The chance to cast twice is capped at 100%, so reaching this threshold ensures maximum efficiency.

Weapon Choice: Bow vs. Crossbow

For this build, Bows are preferred over Crossbows due to their faster animation times and better sustain for Undying and Umbrous. Additionally, Bow Weapon Mastery surpasses Crossbow Mastery in this particular setup.

Best in Slot Gear

Shako is considered the best in slot for this build.

Important Greater Affixes

  • Neck: Exploit
  • Gloves and Rings: Attack Speed
  • Weapons: Vulnerable Damage
  • Chest: Dark Shroud
  • Pants: Heartseeker

Dagger vs. Swords

Daggers are preferred over swords due to their faster animations for skills like Smokenade, Dash, and Shadowstep. They serve as stat-sticks for Heartseeker, further enhancing the build’s efficiency.

By following these guidelines and optimizing your gear and affixes, you can unleash the full potential of the Heartseeker Rogue in Diablo 4’s endgame. Master this build to dominate the battlefield and become a true force to be reckoned with.

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