Dragon Age: The Veilguard – The Evolution from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Explained by BioWare

Dragon Age: The Veilguard – The Evolution from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Explained by BioWare


The next installment in the Dragon Age series, initially announced with the subtitle Dreadwolf, has undergone a significant transformation. BioWare, the renowned game development studio, recently revealed that the project will now be titled Dragon Age: The Veilguard. This decision, explained by the game's directors in an interview with Game Informer, reflects a deeper understanding of the game's true focus and narrative direction.

Corinne Busche, the game director, explained that the heart and soul of BioWare's projects are shaped throughout the development process. As the studio delved deeper into the game's storyline, it became evident that the central focus was not on Solas, the Dreadwolf, but rather on a group of companions. This realization led to the decision to rename the project.

“For understanding: I love Solas, and he is a crucial part of the game. But this project isn't about him," Busche emphasized.

John Epler, the creative director, echoed this sentiment, highlighting that Dragon Age has always been about characters and the team of companions rather than just the villains.

“Dragon Age has always been about the characters and the team of companions, not just the antagonists,” Epler stated.

The upcoming title, The Veilguard, promises to feature the best companions in the franchise's history. Gary McKay, the general manager, expressed confidence that this game will offer unparalleled companion dynamics and interactions.

“The Veilguard will offer the best companions in the entire franchise,” McKay asserted.

Mark Darrah, a former executive producer of Dragon Age and a consultant for The Veilguard, supported the name change, stating that the team made a mature decision when they realized the initial title no longer aligned with the game's content.

“The team made a mature decision to change the title when they realized the original didn’t fit the game’s content,” Darrah noted.

The game will still feature Solas prominently, with more scenes involving him than players might expect. He plays a significant role in the story and will frequently appear throughout the narrative. In the upcoming RPG, Solas, the trickster elf, is trapped in his prison within the Fade, while the protagonist establishes a connection with the Fade through their blood. This connection allows for remote communication between characters. Epler explained that Solas sees his reflection in the main character, making their interactions compelling to watch.

“Solas sees his reflection in the protagonist, making their interactions fascinating,” Epler explained.

Moreover, Solas will not be a typical villain in this role-playing adventure – his situation is fraught with complexities. According to Gary McKay, there are seven unique characters in the game, each with their distinct personality, motivation, and deep backstory. Players will have the opportunity to interact with companions in ways that not only shape their stories but also influence the main plot, even affecting the fate of their fellow warriors.

“We have seven unique characters, each with their own personality, motivation, and deep backstory. Your interactions with them will shape their story and influence the main plot,” McKay detailed.

John Epler believes that the most intriguing antagonists see themselves as the heroes of their own story, and Solas is no exception. He views himself as a tragic hero and genuinely believes that the ritual to tear down the Veil, which the player interrupted, was the right course of action. He thinks the player made a mistake. However, now trapped, he cannot directly influence Thedas and must work with the protagonist. Players can choose to remain suspicious and hostile towards him or understand his perspective, recognizing the connection between them to forge a different relationship throughout the story.

“The most interesting antagonists see themselves as heroes, and Solas is no different. He believes that the ritual to tear down the Veil was the right decision, and you made a mistake. Now trapped, he has to work with you,” Epler explained.

In conclusion, Dragon Age: The Veilguard marks a pivotal shift from the initially announced Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. This change underscores BioWare's commitment to character-driven storytelling, promising an engaging experience centered on a diverse and compelling cast of companions, with Solas playing a complex and significant role in the unfolding narrative.