Best Pals Palworld Tier List: Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Best Pals Palworld Tier List: Ultimate Guide for Gamers


Palworld is an exciting open-world game that blends exploration, crafting, and battling with a unique twist: befriending and training fantastical creatures known as Pals. These Pals play a crucial role in your adventure, each offering distinct abilities and strengths. To help you navigate through this vibrant world, we've compiled the ultimate Palworld tier list, showcasing the best Pals you should aim to recruit for an optimal gameplay experience.

S-Tier Pals: The Ultimate Companions

  • Dragosaur

Dragosaur stands at the top of our tier list due to its incredible versatility and power. This fire-breathing Pal boasts high attack stats, making it a formidable opponent in battles. Its ability to fly also provides significant advantages in both exploration and combat scenarios.

  • Aquael

Aquael is a must-have for any Palworld player. This water-type Pal excels in healing abilities and defensive maneuvers, making it an essential asset during intense battles. Its capacity to navigate aquatic environments with ease further adds to its utility.

A-Tier Pals: Reliable and Strong

  • Thunderpaw

Known for its electrifying attacks and speed, Thunderpaw is a top contender in the A-Tier category. This Pal's swift movements and powerful electric shocks can turn the tide of battle, making it a reliable companion for any trainer.

  • Terradillo

Terradillo's earth-based abilities provide excellent defensive strategies, making it a solid choice for players who prefer a more strategic approach. Its high defense stats and ground manipulation skills ensure it stands its ground against tough opponents.

B-Tier Pals: Balanced and Dependable

  • Frostwing

Frostwing is a balanced Pal that offers a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. Its ice-based attacks can slow down enemies, giving players an edge in combat. While not as powerful as S-Tier or A-Tier Pals, Frostwing remains a dependable choice for various situations.

  • Leafsprite

Leafsprite excels in support roles, utilizing nature-based abilities to heal and buff teammates. This Pal is particularly useful in team battles, providing consistent support to keep your team in top condition.

C-Tier Pals: Situational and Niche

  • Rockhopper

Rockhopper's niche lies in its rock-based abilities, which can be highly effective in specific scenarios but lack versatility. This Pal is best used in environments where its abilities can be fully utilized, but it may not be as effective in varied situations.

  • Emberfox

While Emberfox offers decent fire-based attacks, it falls short compared to the more powerful Dragosaur. Its lower stats and limited abilities place it in the C-Tier, making it a less ideal choice for challenging encounters.


Choosing the right Pals in Palworld can significantly enhance your gaming experience, providing you with the necessary tools to conquer challenges and explore the vast world. Our tier list highlights the best Pals based on their abilities, strengths, and overall utility in the game. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, understanding which Pals to prioritize can make all the difference in your Palworld journey. Happy adventuring!



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