Best Armor in Fallout New Vegas

Best Armor in Fallout New Vegas


Best Armor in Fallout New Vegas: Protecting Your Courier in Style

Surviving the Mojave Wasteland requires more than just firepower - you need top-notch protection. This guide explores the best armor options in Fallout New Vegas, covering everything from how to acquire power armor training to the most potent defensive gear available.

Fallout New Vegas Power Armor Training

Before donning the wasteland's most formidable protection, you'll need power armor training:

  • Join the Brotherhood of Steel: Complete their questline to receive training.
  • Side with the Enclave Remnants: Earn their trust to gain access to power armor.
  • Mod option: Some mods remove the training requirement for those who prefer immediate access.

Remember, without proper training, power armor will actually hinder your movement and combat effectiveness.

Fallout New Vegas Ranger Armor

The iconic NCR Ranger combat armor is both stylish and protective:

  • NCR Ranger Combat Armor: Obtained by siding with the NCR or through certain quests.
  • Desert Ranger Combat Armor: A unique variant found in the Honest Hearts DLC.
  • Elite Riot Gear: The ultimate ranger armor, available in the Lonesome Road DLC.

These armors offer excellent protection without the need for special training.

Fallout New Vegas Strongest Armor

For maximum protection, consider these top-tier options:

  • Remnants Power Armor: The strongest overall, combining high DT with minimal penalties.
  • T-51b Power Armor: Excellent protection with a classic Fallout look.
  • Gannon Family Tesla Armor: Unique energy weapon resistance with a striking appearance.
  • Stealth Suit Mk II: Offers less protection but grants stealth benefits (Old World Blues DLC).

The "strongest" armor often depends on your build and playstyle, balancing protection with other benefits.

Fallout New Vegas Enclave Armor

Enclave armor represents some of the most advanced protection in the game:

  • Remnants Power Armor: The pinnacle of Enclave technology, offering unmatched protection.
  • Advanced Power Armor Mk II: A pre-war prototype with excellent overall stats.
  • Gannon Family Tesla Armor: Unique variant with energy weapon bonuses.

To access Enclave armor, you'll typically need to complete For Auld Lang Syne quest.

Fallout New Vegas Power Armor Locations

Here are some key locations to find power armor:

  • Hidden Valley: T-45d Power Armor (Brotherhood of Steel bunker)
  • Black Mountain: T-45d Power Armor (in storage room)
  • Nellis Air Force Base: T-45d Power Armor (Boomer museum)
  • Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel Bunker: T-51b Power Armor
  • Deathclaw Promontory: Remnants Power Armor (dangerous area, high level recommended)

Always check your carry weight before picking up power armor, as it's quite heavy.

Fallout New Vegas Repair Armor

Keeping your armor in top condition is crucial:

  • Repair Skill: Higher repair skill allows you to restore more durability.
  • Jury Rigging Perk: Allows you to repair items with similar items, very useful for rare armor.
  • Weapon Repair Kits: Can be used to repair armor as well as weapons.
  • Merchants: Pay caps to have your armor repaired professionally.

Regular maintenance will ensure your armor performs at its best when you need it most.

Fallout New Vegas Mods Armor

The modding community has created numerous options to enhance armor:

  • Project Nevada: Overhauls armor system, adding new options and rebalancing existing ones.
  • New Vegas Redesigned 3: Improves armor textures and models for a visual upgrade.
  • Spice of Life: Adds variety to wasteland outfits and armors.
  • Classic Fallout 2 Style Metal Armor: Brings back iconic designs from earlier games.

Always check mod compatibility and load order when installing armor mods.

Choosing the best armor in Fallout New Vegas depends on your character build, playstyle, and faction allegiances. Whether you prefer the iconic look of the NCR Ranger, the unmatched protection of Remnants Power Armor, or the stealth benefits of the Stealth Suit Mk II, there's perfect protection waiting for you in the Mojave. Remember to balance protection with weight, appearance, and special benefits to create the ideal loadout for your courier's adventures.

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