Activision Blizzard's Leaked Plans for Diversity and Inclusion in Games

Activision Blizzard's Leaked Plans for Diversity and Inclusion in Games


In a recent development, Mark "Grummz" Kern, former team lead of World of Warcraft and ex-producer of Diablo 2, revealed a confidential presentation from Activision Blizzard outlining their ambitious plans to incorporate diversity and inclusion into their games. This strategy, intended to span over three years, signifies a profound shift in the company's approach to game development and community engagement.

Key Highlights from the Presentation

The leaked document provides a detailed overview of Activision Blizzard's DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion) strategy, which aims to permeate all facets of game creation. Here are some of the critical points:

  • DEI at Every Development Stage: The DEI strategy is designed to be integral to every phase of game development, ensuring that diversity and inclusion are prioritized from the conceptual stage to final production.
  • AI Moderation in In-Game Chats: To enforce DEI standards, an AI moderator will be introduced in in-game voice chats. This bot will monitor conversations, ensuring that players adhere to the established guidelines of diversity and inclusion.
  • Mandatory DEI Training: All new hires at Activision Blizzard will be required to undergo training on DEI standards. This training aims to foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment.
  • Inclusive Marketing and Creative Processes: The company will establish marketing teams and focus groups dedicated to embedding an inclusive creative process in game development. This initiative seeks to ensure that the games resonate with a diverse audience.
  • Tolerance Training by External Experts: Developers will receive training in tolerance and inclusivity, guided by external experts. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to fostering a more inclusive gaming culture.
  • Cultural Representation: Specific references, such as the inclusion of hip-hop elements in Call of Duty to represent Black culture, highlight the company's efforts to diversify cultural representation in their games.
  • Quota-Based Hiring: Advanced technical tools will be utilized to assist in hiring employees based on diversity quotas. This move aims to create a more diverse and representative workforce.
  • Diverse Characters in Games: The presentation emphasizes the introduction of more diverse and inclusive characters within their games, reflecting a broader range of cultures, identities, and backgrounds.

Community Reaction

As expected, the leaked plans have sparked significant backlash within the gaming community. Many users have voiced their concerns and criticisms regarding Activision Blizzard's new strategy:

"This sounds like the doctrine of a cult." — ne0mega
"It's madness to prioritize race for hiring, dismissing talent as the primary factor." — SirLazyCat
"At least we know not to spend money on what they release." — thereal_bigjake

Broader Context

This revelation comes in the wake of recent controversies surrounding diversity initiatives in the gaming industry. Just weeks ago, players suspected that the developers of the Silent Hill 2 remake had hired diversity consultants, further fueling the ongoing debate among gamers about the place of woke culture in video games.

Activision Blizzard's bold new strategy is poised to reshape the landscape of game development. While it aims to foster a more inclusive and diverse gaming environment, it remains to be seen how these changes will be received in the long term and what impact they will have on the gaming community and industry as a whole.