Eleventh Hour Games

Eleventh Hour Games

Eleventh Hour Games: Crafting the Future of Action RPGs

In the dynamic world of game development, Eleventh Hour Games has emerged as a rising star, particularly in the action RPG genre. This independent studio has captured the attention of gamers worldwide with their innovative approach to game design and their commitment to community-driven development. Let's delve into the world of Eleventh Hour Games and explore their contributions to the gaming industry.

The Birth of Eleventh Hour Games

Founded in 2015, Eleventh Hour Games began as a small, passionate team of developers with a shared vision: to create engaging, deep, and innovative action RPGs. The studio's name itself hints at their dedication, suggesting a commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering quality even in the face of tight deadlines.

Key aspects of Eleventh Hour Games:

  • Independent studio with a focus on action RPGs
  • Emphasis on community feedback and transparency
  • Commitment to long-term game development and support

Which Games Has Eleventh Hour Games Developed?

While Eleventh Hour Games is a relatively young studio, they have made a significant impact with their flagship title:

Last Epoch

Last Epoch is the primary focus of Eleventh Hour Games and has been in development since the studio's inception. This ambitious action RPG features:

  • Time-traveling narrative spanning multiple eras
  • Deep character customization and progression systems
  • Innovative crafting and loot mechanics
  • Planned multiplayer support
  • Regular updates and content additions

Last Epoch has gained a substantial following during its early access phase, with players praising its unique take on the ARPG genre and the developers' responsive approach to community feedback.

Future Projects

While Last Epoch remains the studio's primary focus, Eleventh Hour Games has hinted at potential future projects that could expand their portfolio:

  • Possible expansions or sequels to Last Epoch
  • Exploration of other genres while leveraging their ARPG expertise
  • Potential collaborations or publishing opportunities for other indie developers

The Eleventh Hour Games Approach

What sets Eleventh Hour Games apart is their development philosophy:

Community-Driven Development

  • Regular communication with players through forums and social media
  • Incorporation of player feedback into game updates and features


  • Open development process with frequent progress updates
  • Clear roadmaps for future content and features

Innovation Within the Genre

  • Introducing unique mechanics like time travel to the ARPG formula
  • Focus on deep customization and player agency

Long-Term Commitment

  • Dedication to continual improvement and expansion of their games
  • Vision for creating lasting, evolving game worlds

Impact on the Gaming Industry

Despite being a relatively new player in the field, Eleventh Hour Games has already made an impact:

  • Demonstrating the viability of community-focused development in the ARPG genre
  • Pushing the boundaries of narrative and mechanics in action RPGs
  • Setting new standards for transparency and player engagement in game development
  • Inspiring other indie developers to tackle ambitious, genre-defining projects

Challenges and Growth

Like any indie studio, Eleventh Hour Games has faced its share of challenges:

  • Balancing community expectations with development realities
  • Scaling up operations as their game grows in popularity
  • Competing in a market dominated by established ARPG titans

However, these challenges have also driven the studio's growth and reinforced their commitment to their vision and community.

The Future of Eleventh Hour Games

As Eleventh Hour Games continues to develop and expand Last Epoch, the future looks bright for this innovative studio. Potential areas of growth include:

  • Expansion into new markets as Last Epoch gains popularity
  • Possible console ports to reach a wider audience
  • Development of new IPs or spin-offs leveraging their ARPG expertise
  • Potential growth into a larger, multi-project studio


Eleventh Hour Games represents the new wave of indie developers making a significant impact on the gaming industry. Through their commitment to innovation, community engagement, and quality, they have carved out a unique space in the competitive action RPG market.

As they continue to develop and expand Last Epoch, and potentially venture into new projects, Eleventh Hour Games is a studio to watch. Their success story serves as an inspiration to other indie developers and a testament to the power of community-driven game development.

For fans of action RPGs or those interested in the evolving landscape of game development, Eleventh Hour Games offers a compelling case study of passion, innovation, and perseverance in the modern gaming industry.